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Thursday, August 25, 2016

Gear Review: Chameleon Prime Stretch

Gear Review: Chameleon Prime Stretch by Merrell

I have since switched to different pair of Merrell hiking shoes which I will review later; however, I tell everybody that I hike with to "start with these first."The Chameleon Prime Stretch brings three positive solutions to the new and experienced hiker; (1) they are ready out of the box, so there is no break in period needed, (2) they fit like a glove by completely and efficiently wrapping the foot (like it is in a glove), and (3) they loosely wrap your lower ankle limiting the number of small rocks and pebbles that enter your shoe. If there was fourth, it would be that they can walk for miles leaving your feet ready to walk more. So what is the downside, for me, even though they have great soles, I wore down the grips relatively quickly. But for the beginner hiker? Start with these first.

Note: The GreatWalks team writes about products and gear that we use currently use or have used in the recent past. We highlight some of the pro’s and con’s of the products we own. We may have an affiliate relationship with the venders so we may get a share of the revenue should you purchase something from our site. Of course the proceeds go to a good cause, bringing you better content.

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